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Fashion turn speed, faster than women turned against.As everyone has to push off the waterproof platform heels "the powerful current of not forget for a moment, the more simple swagger shoe, this year in the woman's shoe.Fashion the emperor to remove thick waterproof platform, slope, with very fine and high heel, and stick to the vamp, pointed shoes, how can this all can not pass and women's feet shoes, screaming, pull open the prelude of spring bottom shoes

Of course, the heart to be more than me,red bottoms shoes and this period two hemp beans of the fitting room.Wu Xiaojing is a very have feminine taste girl, smile is very sweet, and a head of curly hair is charming, as high heels of her, the home has hidden 60 different styles of shoes.In Suphier counters, she immediately singled out a pair of black suede pointy shoes, shoes decorated with shiny silver drill head, as it happens, this pair of shoes is very suitable for her in that day, she wore a small OnePiece dress, dotted with white at the bottom of the black decorative pattern, when others still wrapped in thick winter clothing, her send out the abnormal spring vitality.

red bottom shoes for men introduce the inspiration of the service, said: "initially I just want to prepare a gift for a friend, so his tattoo embroidered on the shoes. A lot of friends have tattoo, I don't think tattoo is popular culture, like lines on maps of the body, also tell the story of the man. A tattoo like armour or badge, is a part of life. No one will take people's badge hung on his red bottom shoes for women, so I think the tattoo embroidered on the shoes, become the new armour or badges. Other men's footwear brands ordering service is very good, but this is my new performance for entrepreneur."

Embroidery and exquisite craft of wonderful artical excelling nature,cheap red bottom shoes it is the important elements of the design of luxury brand Christian Louboutin women's shoes.Red bottom shoes brand the unique tradition continue this year, launched shoes embroidery service, for customers to build truly unique shoes.Brand for many years also incorporated in the footwear design, the embroidery is now transformed into a unique service, make customer tattoo shoes embroidery, distinctive design achievement.